Free Powerdirector Title Projects

This post was created especially for new titles which I create for members. At first I created titles as Express Projects, but decided to follow Cyberlink’s example by creating a true title and compiling it into a self-installing file (DZT).

I hope that members will be able to make use of this as it gave me much pleasure in creating them.

These titles won’t be added to separate posts, but this post will be updated with new one’s.

If you have any tiles which you created yourself and want to share them, then feel free to contact me and I will happily add them here. You are also free to post any comments or suggestions you might have.

Thank you.

PS. Remember, your feedback is always welcomed and much appreciated. Take care.

PD Light Dance

Download “PDLightDance” – Downloaded 32 times –

PD Director V2

Download “PDDirectorV2” – Downloaded 32 times –

Wedding Intro V1

Download “Wedding Rings V1” – Downloaded 34 times –

Countdown Intro V1

Download “CountdownV1” – Downloaded 72 times – 15 MB

DJ Decks V1

Download “DJ Decks V1” – Downloaded 38 times – 9 MB

Wedding Title V1

Download “Wedding Title V1” – Downloaded 31 times – 25 MB

Director V1

Download “Director Title V1” – Downloaded 70 times – 24 MB

Video of first 4 templates

Cinematic Intro V1


Download “Cinematic Intro V1” – Downloaded 135 times – 7 MB

Film Roll V2


Download “Filmroll V2” – Downloaded 85 times – 15 MB

Film Roll V1


Download “Filmroll V1” – Downloaded 52 times – 21 MB

Kids Party V1


Download “Kids Party V1” – Downloaded 32 times – 12 MB

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6 thoughts on “Free Powerdirector Title Projects

  1. Lucp

    Hi, thanks for sharing all your nice good work. I was wondering if there is a way to view the title without downloading them
    thank again

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