PDTemplatePacker V1.1 – 2.0.4

Well, you may ask. What exactly is PDTemplatePacker?

The short answer is: It is a Package Deployment Packer for Powerdirector.

With this software users have the ability to pack their own created Title Projects, Transitions, as well as Express Projects.

PDTemplatePacker will create the Powerdirector DZT (for titles), DZTR (for transitions), DZEP (for Express Projects), DZS (for Magic Style), DZP (for Pip Objects) and DZM (for DVD Menus).

So from now on, after you created your piece of PD Art, you no longer need to explain to your friends or clients as to where they have to install your projects after you gave it to them. Just email them your file as an attachment and they are ready to go. They only have to download and then double click your file and it will install automatically in the right directory of Powerdirector! Now is that not SUPER?

In the video I go through the setup process and I’m also doing some packing and installation of the packages to show you how everything works.

So from now on, you have the ability to package your project and distributing it without worrying about the tedious task of installation. Those who tried it, knows what I mean.

This is the first version and still in testing, so I restricted it to 20 files per DZEP file and 12 DZT files per project, but otherwise the proggie is fully functional.

You are free to redistribute this software, but please do not claim it as your own 🙂 You may also upload it to your own website and offer it as a free download, but PLEASE do NOT sell it!

Well, I don’t want to waste your time now. Just download and install. Please leave comments and suggestions.

Oh, one other thing. I only tested this on Windows 7 64bit system, but the software itself is 32bit.

OK Guys, the Software have been updated. Version 2.0.2 has been released. Please post your findings in the comment section.

Download “PDTemplatePackerV2.0.4” PDTemplatePackerV2.0.4.zip – Downloaded 117 times – 1 MB

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2 thoughts on “PDTemplatePacker V1.1 – 2.0.4

  1. wizzer

    Hi Thanks for this. I am doing something wrong when trying to create an express project. How do you create placeholders? When I pack the project they don’t seem to be place holders. when I drag an image on to the PH it just says replace rather than filling the placeholder area.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi wizzer

      You can find placeholders under the PD directory. Mine is located under “C:\Program Files\CyberLink\PowerDirector14\skin\1024×768\ThemeDesigner”

      When you design your project, DON’T use normal photos. Use the placeholders instead of them, then pack your project

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