Powerdirector 3D News Room V1

It gives me GREAT pleasure to upload this specific project and make it available for Powerdirector users. After months of investigating of how the Magic style system of Powerdirector works, I unscrambled it at last!

This is the FIRST EVER 3D News Room for Powerdirector and I’m really glad that I was able to get it right. I feel there’s just too little 3D templates for Powerdirector and on top of it, there’s no API or tutorials on how to create your own.

I feel that within reason, one can create templates which can compare to After Effects and many other video software if you just put the time into it. I really don’t know with which versions of Powerdirector this template will work, but I’m sure it won’t be just PD14 (which I own).

I wanted to bridge the version gap between me and other users, as most users are not able to use my templates due to version issues. I hope that you will let me know your findings and if this template is working with your specific Powerdirector version.

You are free to put your comments in the comments section of this post.


Just extract the ZIP folder and double-click the self-installation file.

Download “PD3DNewsRoomV1” PD3DNewsRoom_V1.zip – Downloaded 81 times –

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