Powerdirector X-MAS Slideshows

Powerdirector XMAS Slides v5.0

Download “PDXmasSlidesV5” PDXmasSlidesV5.zip – Downloaded 24 times –

Powerdirector X-MAS Slides V4

Download “PDXmasSlidesV4” PDXmasSlidesV4.zip – Downloaded 34 times –

Powerdirector X-MAS Slides V3

Download “PDXmasSlidesV3” PDXmasSlidesV3.zip – Downloaded 30 times –

Powerdirector X-MAS Slides V2

Download “PDXmasSlidesV2” PDXmasSlidesV2.zip – Downloaded 45 times –

Powerdirector X-MAS Book V1

Download “PDXmasBookV1” PDXmasBookV1.zip – Downloaded 60 times –

PDXmasSlides V1 Powerdirector Template for PDTemplateZone members!

A Picture Slideshow Template to use for your next Christmas Slideshow.

This template can be used as an intro for your next X-MAS project.

You can use it over and over again, as the Title for the Year can be updated every year.

Your feedback is always much appreciated, so do not forget to send it to me.


Extract the ZIP archive with an archive extrator such as winrar or similar and double-click the self-installation file. You will find the template under the Theme Designer in Powerdirector, under the name “PD XMAS SLIDES V1”.

I am aware that I did not give a freebie lately, so here it is for you to enjoy.

Download “PDXmasSlidesV1” PDXmasSlidesV1.zip – Downloaded 43 times –

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