Graphic Resources

Welcome to Powerdirector TemplateZone 3D resource page, where you will find a variety of 3D resources for your personal projects.

On this page you will find links to external FREE software for those who want to delve a bit deeper into graphic design. The fact that I list a few resources here for our users does not mean that I am affiliated with these developers or that I endorse the software.

These are tools I personally utilise for my own powerdirector projects. Maybe there’s other members out there who also want to create their own 3D templates for Powerdirector and I am making resources or links available for them here.

To create my Powerdirector Templates, I use mostly Blender, a free 3D design software used by both professionals and amateurs. You can model, rig, animate, simulate, render, composite and motion track as well as video editing with Blender.

Now what I am trying to achieve now, is to create templates by using 3D characters, something not done with cyberlink powerdirector before. I ran into a lot of difficulties, as the character fbx files do not want to animate in powerdirector. Everything in the fbx is just static objects.

Anyways, I found my own workaround for this. It looks like the graphic stuff is just too much for powerdirector to handle. My test project will be a caveman with a club hitting a rock or something which will then reveal a logo at the end, something which could easily be achieved with After Effects.

As mentioned in a previous post, I would like Powerdirector to have templates like After Effects as this is what I’m actually after :). To create my caveman character, I found another nice free tool called Makehuman. With Makehuman you can create different 3d characters in a jiffy at absolutely no cost.

Those in 3D character animation are well aware just how time consuming it is to create a 3D character from scratch. Makehuman is taking the pain out of this. Some might not be happy with the generated characters, but for my purposes I am more than happy. The makehuman generated characters are ready to use with Blender. There’s also a lot of free BVH files on the internet with it can be animated.

What I find very annoying about Makehuman is the fact that makehuman assets cannot be downloaded as a single archive all at once. One is forced to install a plugin to download assets one by one within Makehuman. This is a very time-consuming process. I then studied the Makehuman JSON file and coded my own PHP script, which will download all the assets for me and also create the folder structure.

The community contributed Makehumen assets are stored in the Windows Documents folder. On my PC it is “C:\Users\MYUSERNAME\Documents\makehuman\v1data”. I decided to make it available for those who would like to have them all without going through the process of downloading them one by one. Below you will find direct download links to the files. I had to break it up in smaller archives as it is a hefty 4Gig+ on its own.

Unfortunately, I do not have much free time at the moment, but in the near future I will create a tutorial on how to use Makehuman, Blender and Powerdirector to create 3D character templates. Until then, download these resources and enjoy! To say the least, they are all free!