Powerdirector Dark City Intro Theme Designer Template

Powerdirector Dark City Intro Theme Designer Template

A Powerdirector intro template for your newest movie creation! Another totally free cinematic Cyberlink Powerdirector Into Template!

Show your creativity to your clients with this professional movie intro template.

The background audio file is included, but you can replace it with your own music to give it that special touch!

I truly value your feedback a lot, so please do NOT forget to post via the comments section.


Extract the ZIP archive with an archive extractor and double-click the self-installation file. You will find the template under the Theme Designer in Powerdirector, under the name “PD Dark City Intro”.

Powerdirector Dark City Intro Theme Designer Template

Download “PDDarkCityIntro” PDDarkCityIntro2.zip – Downloaded 351 times –

21 thoughts on “Powerdirector Dark City Intro Theme Designer Template

  1. Paul


    Many thanks for this excellent Dark City Theme
    I managed to download & utilise this today
    As it was perfect for the recent project I have been working on for a friend

    Although on posting my completed version, on Facebook (inc it’s added sound/music)
    The ownership rights for the video, has been claimed by someone else
    A, Las Estrellas, has proclaimed my creation belongs to him?

    Just wondering, is this for the enclosed music file only?
    I don’t mind changing this if needs be, although I do like the track

    Thanks Again
    Keep up your great work

    1. PDTemplateZone Post author

      Hi Paul

      I think you should change the audio track. I like it too, but it do not own the rights to it.

      Apologies for the inconvenience.

  2. MichaelKnowles

    Can anyone post what the Billboard Sign dimensions are? I’m trying to post a JPG with just text (made in Paint) and the sizes are way off no matter what I do. Killing me….
    Awesome theme!

      1. MichaelKnowles

        You rock…question on some of the middle frames….it will not allow me to drag/drop a jpg file.
        I believe its frame 7-10…..any suggestions?

        1. PDTemplateZone Post author

          Which version of Powerdirector do you own? Did you test it with the default images of Powerdirector? I just did a test and it works my side.

          1. MichaelKnowles

            PD 19. I’m trying to add Text on the billboards instead of pictures. I’m doing this by going to MS Paint, adding a black background + Text and saving as a JPG. When I edit the project in Theme Designer, I can see the Image Box has will allow video or pix, When I try to add a JPG, it won’t accept. When I drag an mp4, it will try to match the view time.
            I’m just looking to load a jpg only for this project.
            This ‘blocking of the jpg’ is the same from Middle 5 to Middle 8. For some reason, I CAN load a jpg to Middle 9

          2. PDTemplateZone Post author

            Hi Michael

            I have updated the template for images only. Hopefully this will solve your issue. Just re-download the template. It’s the updated version. If this does not work, you can kindly send me your images and I will render it for you.


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