Powerdirector Date And Timer Sports Lower Thirds

Powerdirector Date And Timer Sports Lower Thirds

Hi guys, here are x2 free lower thirds for your your sports video. These lowerthirds are timers meant for Sport events, or whichever videos you will find them useful for. Unfortunately, no audio is included.

I was inspired by one of our community members, Paul Maddix, for their creation. Thank you very much for the inspiration Paul.

Feel free to download them and start editing 🙂

I really appreciate your valuable feedback, so please let me know what you think.


After you extracted the zip folder, just double click on each DZT file and they will automatically install to Powerdirector. You will find them in the Theme Designer.

You will find a “number” folder inside the zip. These are the numbers you need to insert into the template to create your timer or date. Very easy to use. You will be able to create your running date/timer within seconds.

Powerdirector Date And Timer Sports Lower Thirds

Download “PDRunningDate” PDRunningDate.zip – Downloaded 127 times –

Download “PDRunningTime” PDRunningTime.zip – Downloaded 86 times –

8 thoughts on “Powerdirector Date And Timer Sports Lower Thirds

  1. Paul

    I required just such a template, for my latest video project
    But was struggling to create such an effect in powerdirector 18
    With many thanks for this creation, I’m going to find it very usefull


  2. iomete

    Good morning. is there a guide explaining how to use and modify these templates? I have PD19 and 20 but after installing them I can’t find them in the models

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