Powerdirector Video To Particle Software

What exactly is PDVideoToParticle and what does it do?

The short answer is: It is EXACTLY what its name implies.

With this software users have the ability to create Particles from videos for Powerdirector.

PDVideoToParticle will extract your video file and create the Powerdirector Particle for you.

You only have to browse to your video file, select it, choose your thumbnail and first image of the extracted video and your particle will be generated, ready for installation to Powerdirector.

After your Particle File has been generated,just double click your file and it will install automatically in the correct directory of Powerdirector!

In the video I go through the setup process and also shows you how everything works.

You are free to redistribute this software, but please do not claim it as your own 🙂 You may also upload it to your own website and offer it as a free download, but PLEASE do NOT sell it!

Please leave comments and suggestions.

Oh, one other thing. I only tested this on Windows 7 64bit system, but the software itself is 32bit.

Download “PDVideoToParticle” PDVideoToParticlev1.0.1.zip – Downloaded 32 times – 12 MB

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