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I’ve been building websites for local businesses in my area for some time now, and one of the things that is very popular is mobile site design. Normally, when i create a website for one of my clients i almost always try to use a responsive design, but there are times when this isn’t possible, or if the client already has a website and they just need a mobile optimized version.

In these instances, i need to be able to match their current design as close as possible, and will use a template that can be edited in a HTML editor. The trouble with this is the amount of time it takes to go through the css and page templates replacing all that lorum ipsum text with the actual text from the companies normal website.

What I Needed Was A Tool That Would Allow Me To Build A Mobile Website Easily, With Little Effort, Quickly And With Minimum Fuss…

So, i decided to code my own mobile website builder that could do just that! I set about creating a default template that was very mobile friendly, and one which allowed me to change every aspect of it so i could build a mobile website that matched ANY site. Today I’m offering you that tool so you can build mobile websites more quicker and easier than you ever thought possible…sites such as these:

Mobile Website Builder - OneClick MobiBuilder

Try The Demo Out For Yourself BEFORE You Buy – We Have NOTHING To Hide – OneClick MobiBuilder Demo

(The download button has been disabled in the demo version, but when you purchase, you’ll be able to create UNLIMITED sites, with UNLIMITED pages.)

You can also send your clients mockups of their site, via our built in Client Mockup Feature! OneClick MobiBuilder creates mockup pages for EVERY site you create…just add the sales text via the html WYSIWYG editor, and send them the link to the page, for example:

Client Mockup Feature

OneClick MobiBuilder is a php based script that is installed on your own site, where you can log in to an admin area and create your clients mobile websites in a step by step manner. Once you’ve built these mobile websites, you can then download them to your desktop and install them on your customers server. You then simply change one line of text in our mobile redirect script and that’s it…job done.

Satisfied Clients = Money In The Bank!

What this mobile website builder will allow you to do is create a standard mobile version of ANY website, with ease, and comes with plenty of features you need to build the perfect mobile optimized site. With this tool you can:

  • Create Unlimited Mobile Sites
  • Edit Every Aspect Of The Mobile Template
  • Create Unlimited Mobile Pages

It doesn’t stop there though, because it also has a few more features:

  • 100% Score On The Mobile Validator Tool
  • Easy To Change Colors Of Every Aspect Of The Template Using The Built In ‘On The Fly’ Color Picker!
  • Built in Form Creator To Create Contact Forms, Subscription Forms AND MORE!
  • Click To Call Functionality Both In Footer & Via Buttons.
  • Maps And Directions
  • Auto Generates Client Mockup Pages For Every Site Created With Customizable Sales Text
  • Logo Upload Tool
  • SEO Tool (edit titles, descriptions and keywords)
  • Add, Edit & Delete Your Sites & View The Date & Time They Were Created AND Last Modified.
  • Preview All Your Changes LIVE Via The Built In iPhone Mockup
  • Add News Items From Your Blog Or Any Other RSS Source!
  • Ability To Track Every Page of Your Mobile Website With Google Analytics
  • Download your Mobile Websites To Use On Clients Site
  • Create Mobile Optimized Video Squeeze pages and Lead Gen Sites!
  • FREE Redirect Code You Can Use On HTML & WordPress Blogs
  • Change Color Of Social Icons (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn And Google+)
  • Auto Install
  • Choose From Horizontal Or Vertical Navigation Buttons!
  • Over 110 Custom Icons For Navigation Menu

So as you can see, it’s got a lot of features, and with your help we can IMPROVE on these features so it becomes even better AND easier.  In fact, since we launched 3 weeks ago, we’ve updated OneClick MobiBuilder 5 TIMES to include features our customers wanted! To check out what a sample mobile website looks like on your phone, simply scan the QR code below and see for yourself:


Check Out The 100% Score On W3c MobileOK!


I’m using this tool right now to build my clients mobile websites, and it’s been an absolute godsend…i can build any site fast, easy and with minimum effort. If you’re looking for a mobile website builder that can do the same for you, then you’ve come to the right place.

If You’ve NEVER Built A Mobile Website Before You Can Still Use This Tool…No Prior Experience Is Required As We’ll Show You EVERYTHING You Need To Know!

All you need to do to get started is click the buy now button below, pay the price of $??????? and you’ll get instant access to the member area where you can download OneClick MobiBuilder and also view our members forum where you’ll be able to get any support should you need it.

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